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Scalene Design was founded based on appreciation for owners' and architects’ vision for their projects and a desire to positively contribute to that vision.


Why 'Scalene Design'?

The premise is simple.  Each side of the scalene triangle represents a different, yet critical, element in the design of a successful project –

Function + Structure + Form.

When these elements are given thoughtful consideration and their proportions are balanced for each specific project the ultimate vision is enabled.  Scalene Design exists to give creative support and solutions to the project designers and visionaries throughout the process.


The firm's personnel and processes use an integrated, creative approach enabling the best design solutions while maintaining cost effectiveness.


We are relationship builders and will be closely involved in all of our projects, with the firm's partners providing hands on service to our projects and clients.

Scalene Design Concept SketchV2.0.png
Robert Macia PE, LEED AP
Managing Partner

Robert has practiced in the field of structural engineering for over 20 years. He was inspired to found Scalene Design to create a firm with a strong focus on the design of buildings particularly those requiring creative and complex structural design.


Recognized for his ability to appreciate the Owner's and Architect's project vision and to contribute thoughtfully to the project, Robert established the firm's approach to its projects and clients' needs. This approach continuously improves and evolves through the input of the Scalene Design team.


Denny Folmar PE, LEED AP

As the firm's technical lead Denny ensures our knowledge, expertise and product exceed our clients' expectations. Like Robert, Denny is directly involved in all of the firm's projects.

Denny's experience spans many building typologies and is particularly strong in the areas of Healthcare and Higher Education. Having led the structural design for entirely new hospital campuses, major university facilities and renovations, Denny's expertise contributed significantly to the success of these challenging and demanding projects.

Sarah Musser PE, LEED AP

Sarah shares responsibility for the operations of the firm overseeing the execution of business development initiatives and strategic plans.


With a resume including a wide range of building types, she is more than capable of designing the most complex projects. Sarah has a particular interest in restoring old structures to new and integrating materials efficiently. Sarah brings unique experience of full project management having lead teams of architects, engineers and other consultants in the design of total building projects. This gives her excellent insight into what makes the complete project a success.

Project Recognition

A number of the Partner's projects have been awarded for excellent structural design throughout their careers. The following is an example of some of those recognitions.


2014 ACEC/NC Grand Conceptor Award - NCSU James B. Hunt, Jr. Library


2014 ACEC/NC Grand Award -  Neuse River Greenway, Suspension Bridges


2011 Southeast WoodWorks Design Award - RDU International Airport Terminal 2


2008 ACEC/NC Grand Award - RDU International Airport Terminal 2


2006 ACEC/NC Honors Award - UNC Chapel Hill Rams Head Center

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